Matt + Katrine

I met Matt and Katrine on the same week to discuss their wedding, and they decided to shoot their engagement in Oka, since the colors were so amazing in the fall. We walked in the mountain in the leaves and came out to a hidden sunset with a lot of clouds. But clouds and darkness is not always a bad thing. And their love, and his silly faces making her laugh, made everything shine.

Here are a few photos from the session.

2017-10-31_0002 2017-10-31_0003 2017-10-31_0004 2017-10-31_0005 2017-10-31_0006 2017-10-31_0007 2017-10-31_0008 2017-10-31_0009 2017-10-31_0010 2017-10-31_0011 2017-10-31_0012 2017-10-31_0013 2017-10-31_0014 2017-10-31_0015 2017-10-31_0016 2017-10-31_0017 2017-10-31_0018 2017-10-31_0019 2017-10-31_0020 2017-10-31_0021